Discontinuation of our Digital TV Packages: FAQs

As of October 17, 2019, we will begin phasing out our older, Digital TV packages and instead offer Ignite TVTM as our primary solution for new TV customers (although some exceptions may apply). Read on for answers to any questions you may have about this exciting change!

Why is Rogers replacing its Digital TV packages with Ignite TV?

Ignite TV is Rogers’ next generation of entertainment. As an IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) service, it sets you up with the latest technology for our most advanced and user-friendly TV experience yet! Learn more about Ignite TV here.

Ignite Bundles come with Internet, but I only want standalone TV. Do I need to sign up for an Ignite Bundle?

No! Our Starter package will remain a standalone TV solution. Learn more about the Starter package here.

I’m a Digital TV customer and want to make changes to my service (i.e., upgrade, downgrade, switch Theme Packs, add standalone channels, etc.). Can I still do that?

Absolutely! You can continue to make changes to your Digital TV service via MyRogers, or by speaking with one of our representatives.

I live in a building that has a Bulk agreement. Do I have to take Ignite TV?

No. You will continue to be eligible for our Digital TV service based on your building contract. When your building is ready for Ignite TV, you may need to switch to the new Ignite TV platform.