Distortion on Digital TV Channels

The information below covers our Digital TV service/products. For Ignite TV support click here.

Check for Outages

If it’s more than one TV in your home that you are having issues with, there could be a network outage in your area. Visit Network Help & Outages to ask our virtual assistant Anna if there are any service issues in your area.


  • Distortion on some or all channels.
  • Screen is frozen, squares appear across screen.


  • Signal issue into Digital Set Top Box (DSTB).
  • Broadcaster issue.
  • DSTB has no ventilation as a result of other equipment stacked on top.


Note: Any additional customer owned equipment added to the line such as splitters, VCR's, or amplifiers, may cause pixelization, and could result in a service charge if booking a technician is necessary.

  1. Verify the channels affected.
  2. Remove any equipment stacked on top, and make sure the DSTB has clearance above it for proper ventilation.
  3. Make sure all connections are secure.
  4. If you have any splitters on the coaxial cable leading to your Digital set-top box, try reconnecting them.
  5. Power off the digital box and try disconnecting the coaxial cable from your digital box and connecting it directly to your television. Once you've done that, change the channels on your TV. If a picture appears, disconnect the cable from your television and reconnect it to your digital box.
  6. Reauthorizing your Digital set-top box: Log into MyRogers at rogers.com and in the Overview tab, on the Cable Television box, select Reset Digital Box (red button beside it) and then confirm the request. This will reset all the digital boxes in your home, for all of the services that you are subscribed to. You will need to reboot your digital box in order for this to take effect.
    • Note: You must be registered to My Rogers and link your TV account.
  7. Rebooting your Digital box:
    • Unplug the power cable for the digital box from the wall socket.
    • Wait about 10 seconds, then plug it back in again.
    • Wait for the time to appear in the display (this may take up to 5 minutes).
    • When the time has appeared, turn on your Digital set-top box by pressing the "power" button on the front panel.
  8. If none of these suggestions helped solve the problem, please call Rogers at 1 888-764-3771.