Fix TV sound issues

The information below covers our Digital TV service/products. For Ignite TV support click here.

Sound Problems

Symptom: You can see a picture on your television, but there is no sound on any of the channels.

Potential solutions:

1) Ensure that all applicable home entertainment equipment (e.g., TV, DVD, Home Theatre receiver, etc.) is powered on.

2) Ensure that the MUTE option is not selected on any of your home entertainment equipment. 

3) Ensure that the volume is turned up on all of your equipment. 

4) There may be a problem with how your audio cables are connected to your equipment. Ensure that the cables are connected properly and securely.

5)Ensure that your television and/or DVD are tuned to the correct input (e.g.,HDMI) and output channels (e.g., Video 1, etc.).

If this did not fix your problem, please visit rogers.com and click on the Support Tab to chat live with a Rogers representative or contact us