How to exchange Ignite TV Flex Channels

If you are a Shaw customer, you’ll need to visit the Shaw website for support with Rogers Ignite services. 

Most Rogers Ignite TV packages include Flex Channels. They are a selection of channels you can exchange regularly to personalize your channel lineup.

By signing into your MyRogers account, you can see which Flex Channels you currently have and exchange them for new ones. There is no fee to exchange these Flex Channels!

Read on to learn how to exchange Flex Channels online.

1. Sign in to MyRogers.

2. Under Residential, select Manage next to TV.

3. Select Exchange Flex Channels.

4. The Available Channel section shows the entire Flex Channel catalogue. Your current Flex Channels will have a checkmark at the top right corner of the channel tile. support-iptv-flex-channels-rogers-new-en

5. Personalize your channel lineup by selecting the channels you want to add and remove. For example, if CNN is part of your Flex Channel catalogue, and you prefer it instead of CTV News, simply uncheck CTV News and select CNN instead. You can also click the info icon (i) to learn more about each channel.

Note: Make sure you remove and add the same number of Flex Channels, or the exchange will be unsuccessful.

6. Once you’ve made your selections, select Exchange

7. Once the success message appears, you can start watching your new Flex Channels.