Rogers On Demand Issues


  • Unable to load Rogers On Demand (ROD) or channel 100


  • Weak signal or one way signal which is unable to communicate with Rogers
  • Network congestion or outage
  • Hardware issue


  1. Confirm that the coaxial cable is connected directly to the set-top box. If the cable is connected to a VCR, cable booster, cable surge protector, or personally installed cable splitter, disconnect the coaxial cable from the equipment and connect it to the Cable In port of the Rogers set-top box.
    • Note: please do not disconnect any cable splitters or signal boosters that were installed by a Rogers technician as this may impact your other cable services.
  2. Reset the digital set-top box by unplugging the power cord for 20 seconds and reconnect.
  3. Once the set-top box is done loading, turn on the power and go to channel 100.
  4. If ROD is still not loading, please contact Technical Support for further assistance.