Purchase, Record and Cancel PPV Purchases on Navigatr - Ontario

A complete guide of how-to set up your NextBox PVR to record or cancel your Pay-Per-View purchases.

Purchase a PPV Movie/Event

  1. Tune-in to the channel playing the PPV movie/event you wish to purchase. Press the [INFO] button on the remote, select More and press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-PurchasePPV1
  2. Highlight Buy or Buy and Record and press [OK/SELECT]Note: the Buy and Record feature is only available on PVR set top boxes.support-screen capture-PurchasePPV2
  3. Enter your Purchase PIN. 
    • The default PIN is 0000.
    • A pop-up window will appear to confirm that your PIN has been accepted.
      • The PIN will lock if entered three times incorrectly. You will need to call Rogers to reset the PIN.Enter your Purchase PIN.support-screen capture-PurchasePPV3
    • The start timer will display in the top right of screen. The timer confirms the movie/event has been successfully purchased and indicates the remaining time before the viewing starts.
    • Note: You can call 1-866-400-9284 to order the PPV Movie/Event if you're unable to order through the guide.

Record a PPV Purchase

  1. Tune to the channel playing the PPV movie/event and press [INFO], select More and press [OK/SELECT].
  2. Highlight Record this Program and press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-PurchasePPV4
  3. Select the desired recording settings. Highlight Save recording settings and press [OK/SELECT]. This will automatically record your purchase when it airs.support-screen capture-PurchasePPV5

Cancel a PPV Purchase

  1. Press [GUIDE] and navigate to the pre-purchased PPV movie/event and press [OK/SELECT].support-screen capture-PurchasePPV6
  2. Highlight Cancel Purchase and press [OK/SELECT] to cancel your purchase.support-screen capture-PurchasePPV7
    • You can cancel your PPV purchase up to 10 minutes prior to the start time of the movie/event (excludes X-rated movies).
  3. Enter your PIN to cancel the purchase.support-screen capture-PurchasePPV8
    • A confirmation screen will appear if the correct PIN was entered.
      • The PIN will lock if entered three times incorrectly. You will need to call Rogers to reset the PIN.
    • Cancellation confirmation will appear.