Stocks App on Ignite TV

The Stocks App lets you keep track of your investments from wherever you are. Take advantage of the Stock app’s minute-to-minute updates on your favourite stocks. Here’s how to use it.

Basic use

  1. Open Stocks from the Apps menu or via a voice command. Your Stocks is the default page, where you can browse your favourite stocks.
  2. Select Hot Stocks to browse trending stocks.
  3. Select a stock to view more details, including Recent News.

Adding a stock to Your Stocks

  1. In Stocks, select Your Stocks.
  2. Select Add a Stock. A search bar will display.
  3. Use your Voice Remote to enter the name of the stock you want to add. A list of results will display.
  4. Select the stock you want from the list of results. The stock will be added to Your Stocks.