Use PVR Recording Functionality With the Arris Gateway - Hamilton

The following steps explain how to use various PVR functions using the Arris Gateway.

Pause and Rewind Live Television

When tuning into a channel, the Rogers Gateway will automatically start a temporary recording of that channel which will be deleted once the channel is changed.

  1. Press the left arrow or REW to rewind the temporary recording.
    • Pressing the button again will increase the rewinding speed.
    • The amount of time you can rewind is indicated by the yellow bar.support-screen capture-Arris-PVR
  2. Press Play to stop the rewinding and start playing.
  3. Press Pause to pause the playback and then press Play to resume.
  4. Press FFWD to fast forward through the temporary recording.
  5. Press Live to return to the live programming.

Record Live Television

  1. Press Rec at any time to start recording the program.
  2. Press Info to access the recording settings
  3. Select Record Once.
    • The Recording Confirmed notification will appear on the screen to confirm the recording.
    • The recording will automatically stop at the end of the program as scheduled in the Interactive Guide.
    • To stop the recording manually, press Stop and select Yes.
    • To view the recording at a later time, press PVR and select from the My PVR Recordings folder.

Schedule a Recording

  1. Locate the program in the Interactive Guide.
  2. Make sure the correct program is highlighted and press Rec.
  3. Select record once.support-screen capture-Arris-PVR2
    • A confirmation notification will appear on the screen.
    • The Interactive Guide will now display that program with a scheduled recording.support-screen capture-Arris-Shaw

Cancel a Scheduled Recording:

  1. Highlight the scheduled recording in the Interactive Guide.
  2. Press OK.
  3. Select cancel recording.support-screen capture-Arris-PVR4