Using Voice Guidance and Audio Description with Ignite TV

Ignite TVTM was designed with accessibility in mind, offering a variety of accessibility features to give all users a comfortable experience.

Voice Guidance

Voice Guidance on Ignite TV allows customers with visual disabilities the freedom to independently explore thousands of TV shows and movies.

Essentially, your TV will talk to you, verbally guiding you through the Ignite TV Guide, menu and sub-menus like Saved, On Demand and Settings, as well as the Mini Guide and any program information that you open on-screen.

You can learn more about how to use Ignite TV’s Voice Guidance feature here.

Note, using the Voice Guidance feature is different from using voice commands on your Voice Remote. For more information on using voice commands with Ignite TV, check out this article

Audio Description

Also known as Described Video, this feature offers audio-narrated descriptions of key visual elements on your TV shows and movies, like facial expressions, costumes, on-screen text and scenery changes – elements that people with visual impairments might otherwise miss. These descriptions occur in the natural dialogue pauses, ensuring you don’t miss any key points.

Learn how to use the Audio Description feature on Ignite TV here.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning – also known as Subtitles – transcribes the audio portion of a program, including dialogue, narration and sound effects, into on-screen text. This feature is helpful for viewers who are hard of hearing.

Most Ignite TV programs come with Closed Captioning. You can learn more about using this accessibility feature on Ignite TV here.