Rogers was the first to make 5G available to Canadians

Rogers 5G

Canada’s Largest & Most Reliable 5G Network.1

Reasons to choose Rogers Infinite

People using devices with a shared data plan.

Unlimited data

Rogers InfiniteTM plans* come with unlimited data. Plus, share your unlimited data with the whole family and across all your connected devices!

Rogers Infinite means you can get a family phone plan with no worries about data usage.

Roam Like Home

Use your phone plan just like you do at home in over 185 destinations. Now included with Rogers Infinite plans!

Enjoy unlimited data plans for phones, tablets and more.

Plan perks

With select Rogers Infinite plans, you can enjoy promotions from your favourite streaming services like Disney+2 and Apple Music1, as well as special offers for connected devices.

Get ready for the Rogers 5G experience!

5G Access

Experience Canada’s largest 5G network on Canada’s most reliable network.** All you need is any Rogers Infinite plan, a 5G device, and to be in an area with 5G coverage.

Rogers Infinite plans are even better with the family discount.