How to connect Wi-Fi devices to the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2

There are 2 ways that you can connect WiFi devices to the FastMile 5G Gateway.

1. Using the SSID and WiFi

Note: You can locate the SSID and WiFi key on the sticker on the bottom of your FastMile 5G Gateway.

2. By pressing the WPS button on the backside of the Gateway to start the Wi-Fi Protected Setup process.

Connecting Ethernet

You can connect up to two Gigabit Ethernet LANs by connecting the cable from the Ethernet LAN to either of the two Gigabit Ethernet LAN connectors on the backside of the Nokia FastMile 5G Gateway 3.2. 

Difficulties connecting? LED signal test results and actions

  • If the 5G LED is lit and all three-signal strength LEDs are lit, it means you have a good 5G connection.
  • If the 5G LED isn't lit but all three signal strength LEDs are lit, it means you have a good 4G/LTE connection.
  • IF the 5G LED is lit with any other pattern, you'll need to reposition the unit for a better connection.

Check LEDs

Check the centre LED:

  • If the centre LED is slow blinking red, it means your SIM card is missing. We recommend installing it or replacing it.
  • If the center LED is solid red, it means you have no 4G/LTE or 5G connection, and will need to reposition the gateway.
  • If the centre is LED is solid green, press the signal test button on the side of the unit to determine the type of service 4G or 5G and the signal strength by checking the 5G LED and the signal strength LEDs while the test is in progress, and move the gateway to an alternate location if necessary.

Note: Once you have a good 4G/LTE or 5G connection, don't reposition or rotate the gateway. Rotating the gateway may affect Internet speeds due to indoor signal reception conditions.

Repositioning the Gateway

  1. Power off the Nokia FastMIle 5G Gateway and disconnect it from the electrical outlet.
  2. Move the gateway to a different location.
  3. Connect the gateway to an electrical outlet at the new location and power it on.
  4. Check the LEDs as described in the LED signal test results, and follow the instructions indicated.

Note: You may need to repeat the steps in this procedure several times before finding the final location for the gateway.