Accessible devices and features

Mobile phones and other smart devices include accessibility features to help those with mobility, dexterity or physical challenges. Learn about some of these features below.

You can also visit Wireless Accessibility to learn more about accessibility features on wireless devices. 

Physical Accessibility Features Description
Audio, Visual and Vibrating Features This feature allows you to give a specific audio signal, visual cue or vibration for different device behaviours or actions. You can also choose specific ringtones for different contacts so you always know who’s calling.
Automatic Responses This auto-answer feature allows you to program your device to answer calls automatically or redial particular calls or messages.
Hands-free mode or Hands-free headset This lets you use your device without having to hold it. For example, by using the speaker while on a call.
Intelligent keyboards, Keypad shortcuts, or Predictive text If you have difficulty typing, this feature predicts the words as you type them.
One-touch mode This feature allows you to do things on your device by pressing only one button. For example, you can program a number that you often use.
Physical Keypads A specially designed dial pad or keypad with tactile markers that help to position your fingers when typing numbers and letters.
Voice recognition, voice control or speech commands People with limited dexterity can interact with their device by using voice commands for dialling and accessing certain device features.
External Mouse Support Use a mouse to run your device.
External Ability Switch Control your device with adaptive switch hardware.
External keyboard support (for text entry and navigation) Use a separate keyboard to operate your device.
Built in Screen Reader Text displayed on-screen can be read out loud through a speech synthesizer.

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Wireless plans and add-ons

If you have an accessibility need or a disability, you might be eligible for a discounted Wireless plan.

We offer a $20 monthly discount on all our in-market plans, including Rogers InfiniteTM plans which include Data Manager and Roam Like Home. First, contact our Accessibility Services team to help you choose the perfect wireless plan.

To apply for the discount, please send your name, Rogers account number, mobile phone number, and a copy of your disability-association membership to our Customer Care team through either of these options:


Premium Voicemail-to-Text

For an extra $7 per month, get text and audio versions of your voicemail messages delivered to your device via text message.

  • Store up to 35 five-minute voicemail messages and save each one for up to 10 days.
  • Get text and audio versions of your voicemail sent to your device.
  • Scan and respond to urgent messages.
  • Choose how you wish to respond—by text or voice.
  • Listen to your voicemail without dialling in or entering a password.
  • Listen to your voicemail messages in any order you want.

Wireless Code

Learn about the CRTC Wireless Code and your rights as a Canadian wireless customer.

Service and device trial period for customers with disabilities

Customers with disabilities are eligible for an extended trial period for their Wireless service (30 days). Devices can be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.

Home Phone

We’re pleased to offer the following services to our Home Phone customers with accessibility needs:

  • Directory Assistance: No charge for up to 100 directory assistance (4-1-1) calls per month.
  • Operator Assistance: We provide free operator assistance to help complete local, long distance, sent paid (per-minute rates apply), collect, and bill-to-third-party calls. Local and long distance charges apply.

Compatibility with home emergency services

Our Rogers Home Phone and Ignite Home Phone services are compatible with the following emergency services:

  • DirectAlert
  • Mondial Lifeguard Technologies
  • ConnectCare
  • Philips Lifeline

Ignite TV

Below, learn more about the features that make Ignite TV accessible and usable for users with physical disabilities.

Voice Remote

The Voice Remote makes it easy to search for shows and movies, change channels and volume, set recordings and more.

Just press and hold the Mic button on the Voice Remote and use a voice command.

  • You can search for shows or movies by title, genre, actor, director and even quotes: "Show me Tim Burton movies," "Denzel Washington," "Comedies," "Seinfeld"
  • You can update your settings: "turn on Closed Captioning" or "Parental Controls"
  • You can even start recordings of live TV or schedule recordings for future programs: "Start recording" or "Schedule recording"

Learn more about using the Voice Remote here.

Added benefits for qualifying customers

Rogers also offers the following benefits for qualifying customers:

  • One free remote with larger buttons
  • 30% off Ignite TV bundles

Contact us here for details.

Digital TV

Below, learn more about the features that make our Digital TV services accessible and usable for users with physical disabilities.

Added benefits for qualifying customers

Rogers offers the following benefits for qualifying customers:

  • One free remote with larger buttons
  • One free set-top box

Contact us here for details.

Contact Us

The Rogers Accessibility Services Group is dedicated to addressing our customers’ individual accessibility needs. Contact us by any of these methods:

AID Hotline ENAID Hotline Social Media

TTY Message Relay ENTTY Message Relay Service

Call 1 877 508-1760 or dial *243 (AID) on your Rogers mobile device


AID Hotline Hours: daily from 9 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST

Reach our Accessibility Services Group on social media 24/7.

Message us on Facebook Messenger here.

Message us on Twitter via direct message here.

Call 7-1-1 and ask the TTY operator to connect the call to the AID hotline at 1 877 508-1760.