Television (TV) accessibility

Vision solutions

For our Ignite TVTM, Ignite StreamingTM and Digital TV customers who have low or no vision, we have several solutions and advanced features to help make your entertainment experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Ignite TV

Below, learn more about the features that make Ignite TV accessible and usable for people who have low or no vision.  

Ignite Voice Remote

Control and customize Ignite TV easily with the Voice Remote. Press and hold the Mic button and use voice commands to search for shows or movies, change the channel or volume, set recordings of live TV, enable features like closed captioning and described video and more.

Learn more about using the Ignite Voice Remote.

Large Button Voice Remote

Take your entertainment experience to the next level with these features: voice command, larger buttons and accessibility shortcut.

Learn more about using the Large Button Voice Remote.

Voice Guidance

This feature reads out on-screen text to help you navigate Ignite TV, including the guide and menu options, program lists and descriptions and more.

There are two ways you can turn on Voice Guidance: press and hold the Mic button on the Voice Remote and say "Voice Guidance," or press the B button twice.

Learn more about using Voice Guidance on Ignite TV.

Accessibility menu

For all Ignite TV’s accessibility features, press and hold the Mic button on the Ignite Voice Remote and say "Accessibility." Here, you’ll find a list of all Ignite TV’s accessibility features and settings, as well as tips on how to use them. You can also reach the Accessibility menu by pressing the B or Accessibility buttons on your Ignite Voice Remote.

Ignite Streaming

Designed with accessibility in mind, Ignite Streaming offers a variety of features to give all users a comfortable experience.

Learn more about accessibility features on Ignite Streaming.

Described Video

Also known as Video Description, Described Video (DV) is available on both Rogers’ Ignite TV and Digital TV services. This feature narrates what’s happening in a show or movie. During pauses in dialogue, it describes the program’s non-verbal elements like facial expressions, costumes, surroundings and on-screen text.

How to turn on Described Video:

Ignite TV

  1. Press and hold the Mic button on the Voice Remote and say “Described Video” or “Turn on Described Video.”
  2. Or, while tuned to a program, press the OK button in the centre of the remote, then press the left arrow button and finally, select the D)) icon on the screen.

Digital TV

DV activation instructions for Digital TV services vary depending on your set-top box guide and region. Below, select the link that applies to you, then follow the instructions provided to turn on Described Video for the program you want to watch.

Please note that not all programs will have DV available.

Interactive Program Guide - Scientific Atlanta boxes (Ontario)

NavigatrTM Guide (Ontario)

Interactive Program Guide (Atlantic)

You can also turn on DV indefinitely, for all programs that have DV available. Under this setting, if a program does not include DV, the regular audio for the program will be heard.

  • To do this on Digital TV, visit this page for instructions.
  • To do this on Ignite TV, press B on your Voice Remote to open the Accessibility menu, then select On under "Video Description."

How to find programs with Described Video:

You can find out if a program has Described Video available by searching your TV guide for programs marked with the D)) logo, or by checking the online DV Guide, which provides 7 days of program listings with options to sort by time and show.

If you have Ignite TV, you can also press and hold the Mic button on the Voice Remote and say "Programs with Described Video" for a listing of all available shows and movies with Described Video.

Rogers offers over 200 TV channels that contain DV plus a growing number of Video on Demand titles with DV on our Ignite TV and Digital TV services. Enable DV on a program-by-program basis using the same steps described above.

View a full list of Described Video-enabled channels PDF.

Channels with 24/7 Described Video:

AMI-audio (English): The world’s largest broadcast reading service offering local and international news, as well as presenting movies and TV shows in Described Video. Learn more about AMI-audio.

Canal M (French): A 24-hour newspaper reading service. It also offers original programming. Learn more about Canal M.

AMI-tv and AMI-télé: Offer a variety of described content, including movies, TV shows, specials, news and original programming. Learn more about AMI-tv, or learn more about its French equivalent AMI- télé.

Added benefits for qualifying customers

Rogers also offers the following benefits for qualifying customers:

  • One free remote with larger buttons
  • 30% off Ignite TV bundles

If you have an accessibility need or a disability, you might be eligible for a discounted Ignite service.

To apply for the discount, please send your name, account number, phone number and a copy of the proof of membership to a disability association to:

Rogers Special Discounts team at AccessibilityDiscount@cx.rogers.com

  • Subject line: Escalations for Accessibility Discount: BT:2313

Alternative bill formats

You can receive your monthly bill in several different formats at no extra charge, including:

  • Large font
  • Grade 2 Braille
  • A text-based version on CD

Contact Us

The Rogers Accessibility Services Group is dedicated to addressing our customers’ individual accessibility needs. Contact us by any of these methods: 

*If you are a Rogers Together With Shaw customer, visit our website for support with our services. 

Aid Hotline

Or call from your Rogers device *AID (243)

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