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How to get more out of Microsoft 365's Teams and MileIQ

Learn how to customize your Microsoft Teams workspace and more

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Update: Rogers Business is now Canada’s largest operator partner of Microsoft Teams solutions and is the first provider in the world to offer Teams Phone Mobile and the first Canadian service provider of Operator Connect. Learn more here.

Microsoft 365 has everything you need to get work done in the office and on the move. But its apps are evolving and growing so quickly that it's easy to either forget about or overlook some of the suite's most useful features. Here’s a look at Microsoft Teams and MileIQ  and some of their helpful capabilities.

Microsoft Teams

If you're an existing Microsoft 365 subscriber, chances are you already use Microsoft Teams to enable team communication via chat sessions, phone calls and meetings. It's one of Microsoft 365's most useful tools, and it gets even more valuable the more you customize it. For example, you can develop channels geared for topics of special interest within a Teams workspace. You can also easily integrate other popular work apps and cloud services – such as Asana, Trello or Zendesk – so that all of your team's tools are accessible from a single hub. And by pinning key files and websites to your workspace, you can also ensure everyone can see and access what they need when they need it.

You can also ensure everyone can see and access what they need when they need it.


This popular feature – available with Microsoft 365 Business Standard and Premium subscriptions – does exactly what you'd expect of a mile-tracking app: it automatically tracks and calculates mileage travelled for work and helps simplify your business-travel expenses. But its real value – in saving both time and money – rests in its details. For example, did you know you can program it to automatically track travel during specific working hours? Or that you can review all of your trips and classify them in seconds simply by swiping left for “personal” and right for “business”? You can even generate reports at the level of individual trips. It's a must for any company that needs easy, accurate tracking of car and travel expenses.

It makes the necessary tasks of monitoring and managing your business's online presence a lot easier.

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