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Truly proactive fleet maintenance is here

Discover how one AI-focused organization is proactively diagnosing fleet maintenance issues with 94% accuracy.

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In a year filled with supply chain delays, driver shortages and rising fuel costs, fleet managers across Canada have the same goal: make the most of time on the road. If a driver is on schedule for a delivery, an unexpected breakdown is a huge headache for the business, driver and the end customer. Unfortunately, mechanical trouble is an unavoidable part of fleet management but Preteckt is easing the burden by introducing an AI-powered diagnostic solution to help fleet owners detect issues sooner–and fix them faster.  

Traditional telematics has been around for a while in the commercial trucking industry, with early versions providing only standard fault codes from an engine control module. Hamilton-based Preteckt goes further and collects real-time sensor data using AI machine learning for 94% diagnostic precision in hydrogen, EV and diesel vehicles.   

“Preteckt collects real-time sensor data using AI machine learning for 94% diagnostic precision in hydrogen, EV and diesel vehicles”   

The top 3 benefits of predictive maintenance  

  1. Reducing maintenance costs 

While much attention has been given to rising fuel costs lately, fleet managers know that repairs and upkeep have long been a headache. On average, the maintenance cost for a transit bus is $0.37 per kilometre in Canada. Coupled with depreciation, these costs can quickly add up. That’s why effective tools for mitigating this expense are so important. Detecting an issue early can prevent a larger–and more expensive–breakdown later. Additionally, the right proactive repairs can extend the life of a vehicle. This is particularly important as the average heavy duty commercial truck in Canada is 12 years old and smaller-engine vehicles are even older at 13.8 years. For public transit diesel, bio-diesel and hybrid buses, the average is 15 years. Preteckt uses their technology to generate about $2,700 in savings per truck yearly.  

Maintenance and repairs make up about 13% of total expenses for fleet owners.   

  1. Hold technicians accountable  

Currently, there is a massive shortage of industry technicians, causing delays and increasing off-road time. Unfortunately, a misdiagnosis, error or oversight does happen, potentially leading to more serious and costly repairs later on. The analytics and diagnostic guide provided by Preteckt’s devices can help both internal and external mechanics identify the problem quickly and with greater accuracy. Users report a 43% increase in technician efficiency.  =

Users report a 43% increase in technician efficiency. 

  1. Visibility into fleet performance 

One of the most challenging parts of fleet management is the amount of unpredictable factors. Being able to gain a full overview into the health and longevity of a fleet is invaluable. Managers can now make plans for vehicle acquisition, larger replacements and more. The data can also provide insight into the established maintenance practices of the company and help determine if additional inspections are necessary.  

How to get started with AI vehicle maintenance 

The past few years have been tough for fleet managers. With more challenges on the horizon, now is the time to take advantage of proven smart technology to help reduce costs, improve efficiency and take control of your fleet’s overall maintenance, rather than wait for problems to arise. Choosing a device that provides diagnostic insight beyond a standard fault code can increase the impact of the tool and help busy fleet mangers maximize the useable time for their vehicles. Proper maintenance and accurate troubleshooting can also help increase a vehicle’s lifespan and a digital report can help hold mechanics accountable. Repairs and maintenance have a direct and often substantial impact on your entire operation and bottom line. With their historic unpredictability, this factor effects the overall success of your organization. 

For more insight into the latest innovations for fleet managers, visit our blog. To learn more about Preteckt and predictive maintenance for your fleet, connect with one of our specialists.