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2022 in review: Businesses share their triumphs from a tumultuous year

Rogers Business customers share the practices, strategies and innovations that drove their business in a year filled with challenge and change.

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For most business, the past twelve months proved to be both promising and pessimistic. On one hand, the majority of Canadian organizations returned to business-as-usual after long pandemic closures. On the other, looming threats of a recession have tempered expectations. Regardless, companies of all sizes used the year to reimagine their operation, consider new approaches and become better prepared for the unexpected.

Unplugging: The City of Kelowna opts for cloud-based calling

For some, like the City of Kelowna, that meant turning a technology challenge into an opportunity for innovation. Because of government office closures during the pandemic, city staff were unable to use their existing desk phones. They were quickly able to implement Operator Connect which essentially allows Microsoft Teams to double as business phone by allowing city staff to initiate Canada-wide calls, even to those without Teams. The decision to switch to the cloud-based voice-calling solution not only assisted the organization during quarantine but also facilitates greater flexibility going forward.

Building the future: PCL Construction digitizes the job site

Construction is one of the biggest industries in Canada, but also one with the slimmest of margins. To help improve efficiencies and worker safety, PCL began implementing smart technology and digital tools to their projects, quickly becoming a leader in IoT construction. These decisions led to impressive results including greater accuracy along with the ability for crews to stay on schedule.

Aside from staying on top of the latest construction industry trends, the organization is also mindful of shifts with their end customer. As connectivity becomes increasing intertwined with everyday life, the team now considers a network as a critical utility not unlike water and electricity.

A journey through history: A tour group with a twist

Customers are also at the heart of Liberation Tours, an agency started after museum visitors began asking owners John Cannon and Phil Craig to join their travels. The duo now plans one-of-a-kind trips to landmarks significant to Canadian military history. Though the travel industry was undoubtedly one of the hardest hit by COVID-19, the small business manages to stay in high demand by tailoring each tour to their specific group’s interests, family history and preferences. By utilizing Roam Like Home, the pair stays flexible and researches on-the-go to make their trips even more memorable. 

 Early adoption makes good business sense for the Chamber of Commerce

Montreal is one of the biggest and most vibrant cities in Canada, which means the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal is always busy. It’s no surprise that the team was one of the early adopters of the Operator Connect solution. Switching over to the solution from landlines, the team was able to adapt quickly and easily with help from their Rogers representative. They were also able to begin using the solution with external customers, resulting in easier, more seamless communication as a whole. 

Looking ahead to 2023: What’s next?

As businesses look ahead to the coming year, one thing is for certain: leaders cannot rely on old strategies and established practices and expect success in an ever-changing environment. With assistance and support from Rogers Business, many organizations have been able to overcome some pandemic-prompted challenges, along with other industry inefficiencies or difficulties.  

Share your story of success with Rogers Business today and read more about the latest innovations, tools and products used by organizations like yours.