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Fax never lie: The case for eFax

While many understand the continued legal importance of faxing, many more wonder why it hasn’t gone the way of the dodo. eFax, a cloud-based fax app that allows you to send and receive faxes via email, ends the debate.

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While many people believe faxing is obsolete, those who work in healthcare, law, accounting, real estate and government to name just a handful of sectors understand and rely on the endurance of faxing—not that they’re not fully aware of its drawbacks. As such, these individuals are looking for solutions that can improve the faxing experience. And as for the rest of world that still wonders why faxing persists if email exists: keep reading, because those same solutions may come in handier than you think.

Who needs faxes when you have emails?

Again, those who work in the sectors mentioned above already know the legal importance of faxes. Faxes provide concrete confirmation of a document’s receipt. Now, you may be thinking, So what? Emails have timestamps, too. And I can attach a read receipt if I want. Yes, but there’s still no solid evidence the email went through; it could have easily ended up in someone’s spam folder. And read receipts are requests that are easily rejected by the receiver. The bottom line is that faxes provide greater legal authenticity than emails, and that matters a lot, especially for legal discovery.

So, faxing isn’t obsolete—but bulky fax hardware is

If there’s one opinion fax advocates and skeptics share it’s that fax machines are expensive to buy, a pain to install, tend to be slow, and lack any disaster recovery capabilities should they go down. That’s why it’s important to separate the concept of faxing from its mode of delivery. How can that be? Especially when sending information by phone line is such a big part of its legal authenticity?

eFax: A marriage of fax and email made in the cloud

The cloud allows you to migrate server functionalities and applications so they’re available to you over the internet—and faxing is no exception. eFax is one of the world’s leading online fax solutions, allowing you to securely send and receive faxes via email from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone using a secure cloud-based fax app. This app keeps the information encrypted from end to end, at rest and in transit, making it more secure than regular email. But eFax isn’t just about emailing a fax to someone else’s email account; you can also send it directly to a fax machine.

With eFax, there’s no need to deal with the expenses and hassles of fax machines, and you can also cut down on paper, ink and/or toner costs. Disaster recovery is built in, and the information achieves the same level of legal authenticity that fax machines provide and which many regulations require. Bottom line: eFax is a money saver, a time saver, and potentially a legal saviour.

To learn more about eFax, and how Rogers for Business can help set up, manage and support the solution for your business, contact a representative today.