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Helping Canadian businesses innovate and grow, now and in the future

Discussing the current remote work model, how businesses are adapting and what it means to be a strategic advisor

The way we work has changed. Businesses today need to adapt to thrive and benefit from strategic partnerships to help them navigate the new business landscape. Rogers has lived these changes, transforming our own operations almost 10 years ago.

Ron Mckenzie, President of Rogers for Business

Ron Mckenzie, President of Rogers for Business sat down with PwC to discuss the future of business and how a business pivot in 2014 built the foundational understanding for how Rogers can help businesses make similar changes today. Ron also highlights the importance of SMBs to our economy, the significance of digital transformation and managed services, and talks about how rapidly changing market dynamics are impacting everything we do. He also emphasizes the importance of adapting to the new business environment and discusses how Rogers for Business is helping Canadian businesses grow and evolve.

Listen to the podcast here

Shift Podcast: Enabling Canadian businesses to evolve and grow featuring: Ron Mckenzie