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Webinar: Asset Management

Traditional asset management sensors are limited in the data and visibility they can offer. Without a comprehensive solution that can share data from various providers, sensors and multi-modal transport, your visibility into the status/health of shipments is limited. With a comprehensive end-to-end solution, you can track your goods no matter where or how they are being transported. You can also gain visibility into other data points such as temperature and humidity levels, tamper alerts, and much more. 

To discuss how asset monitoring solutions help bring transparency to supply chains, Tess Van Thielen, VP of Advanced Services and IoT management at Rogers for Business, joined Nigel Wallis, VP of IoT and Industry research at IDC, and Edwin Winder, VP of Americas at Roambee.

Key topics include:

A) Trends in supply chain

B) Canadian and global supply chain challenges

C) Importance of visibility in supply chain management 

Watch their conversation below.

To learn more about Asset Management and what it can do for your business, contact a Rogers for Business representative today.