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Why your business deserves business-grade internet features like LTE backup

Ensure seamless experiences for your customers and protect your brand’s reputation with an internet connection that’s never interrupted.

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No business is immune to internet downtime. Whether it’s caused by severe weather, a construction accident or a cyberattack, having your internet connection interrupted can mean a downed website and point-of-sale machines that might as well be paperweights. This in turn can damage your customer relationships, tarnish your reputation and take a bite out of your revenue.

But what if you had a wireless backup connection that kicked in automatically on just such an occasion?

Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of the customer experience, why they’re so important and how your business can avoid the pitfalls of downtime by taking advantage of an LTE backup connection:

Your online store

From the first time a customer visits your website to the minute their order is processed, a customer’s online experience with your business is an opportunity to build confidence and loyalty. If your online store goes offline, the damages can be significant. According to Gartner, revenue losses across all sectors and business sizes average approximately $5,600 per minute of downtime, which works out to well over $300K per hour. And this figure doesn’t take into account future losses as a result of negative customer reviews. Safeguarding your internet connection with an LTE backup connection ensures your online store is always open for business. 

Point of sale

After putting time, energy and money into attracting customers to your business, the point of sale is the culmination of all your investments—and it’s no time for downtime. When everything runs smoothly, you have an efficient transaction and a satisfied customer. But if your transaction device goes offline, without the necessary backup in place, you risk losing more than a sale. An unhappy customer can mean lost loyalty and bad word of mouth. An automatic LTE backup connection helps you avoid these risks altogether. If your internet connection is interrupted, the backup connection takes over seamlessly so your customer’s experience remains smooth, with no noticeable hiccups at this most crucial stage.

Mobile applications

Many businesses that have embraced mobile apps to create customer experiences in-store and out know that digital interactions drive sales. From loyalty card apps like Stampme to shopping apps like Flipp to customer services apps that make checking balances or paying bills simple, there really is an app for everything. To run these kinds of apps, many businesses are taking advantage of cloud storage services to back up customer information like transition history, profiles and preferences. To protect this valuable customer data and keep these apps running smoothly, constant connectivity is crucial.

Naturally, every business is different and offers its customers their own unique experience. But this much is certain: businesses that protect their internet connection with an LTE backup connection are ensuring their customer experience continues uninterrupted, mitigating the threat of downtime, and the lost revenue and lost customer confidence that comes from it. That’s why you should also note that not all internet providers offer such a backup—and of those that do, some charge a hefty price for one that doesn’t necessarily run seamlessly. A truly business-grade internet solution should offer this backup feature for no extra charge with a commitment to get your primary, wired connection up and running again as quickly as possible.

Rogers Business InternetTM, offers an automatic LTE backup internet connection among several other business-grade features that provide the reliability, security and support your business deserves. Click here to learn more.