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How business-grade internet solutions help future-proof your business

Make the most of hybrid working with business-grade internet solutions.

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It has been well-established that the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we do business. Since March 2020, many businesses big and small have seen the benefits of pivoting, adapting and evolving their established practices for the changing context. And those businesses have seen the potential that’s unlocked as they re-evaluate existing IT infrastructure and pursue opportunities to enhance their digital offering.

Many adapted by investing in technology to support newly remote workforces. But in this hybrid environment, with some employees remaining remote and others heading back to the office, businesses must now assess whether they have the bandwidth to support an ongoing hybrid working model. Indeed, the key to remaining competitive in this ever-changing landscape is through business-grade solutions that have the power and ability to keep up with a business’ needs as they constantly shift.

Enter Rogers business-grade internet solutions. Business Internet, Wireless Business Internet and Dedicated Internet provide a strong foundation for a sustainable hybrid work model. With 24/7 proactive tech support and connection repair in 4 hours or less, these solutions provide peace of mind that businesses will keep running smoothly wherever you are. Here’s how:

Rogers Business Internet

Business Internet provides network-level security and dedicated support for businesses. With a suite of add-on features, including LTE Backup, Advantage WiFiTM and Advantage SecurityTM, you can enhance your connection for the needs of your business.

Rogers Wireless Business Internet

Rogers Wireless Business internet can be tailored to the individual needs of a business whether it is a primary or secondary solution to keep the business connected. Delivered over the Rogers LTE network, you’ll benefit from high-speed internet on Canada’s Most Reliable Network no matter where you are.

Rogers Dedicated Internet

Businesses will benefit from unmatched reliability, fast, guaranteed symmetrical speeds and volumetric DDoS attack protection. Especially for businesses that rely on high-data demands like HD video conferencing or sharing large files and databases, fibre-based Dedicated Internet will keep the business running smoothly.

Business-grade internet solutions keep your business running consistently and competitively. It’s critical to hybrid workplace success. Here’s why:

Connect with the future of business


With businesses increasing their online presence and daily headlines of global data breaches, addressing data security with the right tools and the right provider is essential. In these hybrid conditions, business-grade internet solutions improve the efficacy of your cybersecurity measures by supporting the high-data demands and uptick in video conferencing. It minimizes the impact of cybersecurity threats and slow download speeds and helps protect your data.

Data Centre and Cloud

Continued investment in data centres and cloud services remains a key trend as businesses shift to hybrid work. But as more employees return to the office, demands on cloud services, data protection and colocation services will be greater. Safeguard their reliability and efficiency with the business-grade internet connection that will keep them running seamlessly.

Collaboration Tools

How we collaborate has radically changed, with businesses quickly adopting new ways to support their teams’ ability to communicate and be productive. Business-grade internet solutions provide an unmatched speed that ensures you have the bandwidth to support collaboration tools like M365 and Microsoft Teams without crashing. So, you can ensure seamless interaction between team members, wherever they are.

Rogers for Business not only offers this cutting-edge technology, but our representatives will work with you to determine which business-grade internet connection is right for your business.

Learn more about how to build your best business with a strong business-grade internet foundation by speaking with a Rogers for Business representative.