Credit Limit Monitoring (CLM)

Credit Limit Monitoring is a preset spending limit that restricts your monthly usage and purchases by temporarily suspending your service if your account balance reaches or exceeds a predefined amount (your Credit Limit Amount). This can include your account balance, and any pending / billed and unbilled charges.

Not sure if you’re on Credit Limit Monitoring? Refer to your Rogers Wireless Service Agreement or page 2 of your Rogers bill.

Things to Know

You can always track your credit limit balance and make payments with these tools:

  • Dialling *28, free of charge from your Rogers phone.
  • Online, in MyRogers under Billing & Payments.
  • With the MyRogers app—available for Apple and Android devices.

Under what circumstances will Rogers temporarily suspend my services if my account is under Credit Limit Monitoring?

Services under your Rogers account can be temporarily suspended if you reach or exceed your credit limit at any time during the month. This can include your account balance, any pending / billed and unbilled charges. Your account can also be temporarily suspended if you fail to pay your monthly bill on time.

Will I receive notifications about my account balance or when I am nearing my credit limit?

You may receive text notifications before your balance reaches your Credit Limit Amount. These notifications may include a message regarding your credit balance status, an alert of possible suspension, a request for payment and/or a request to contact Rogers. You can check your Credit Limit Amount, billed and unbilled balances and available remaining balance at any time by signing in to MyRogers.

Will I be required to have a credit limit or pay a security deposit when I activate my account?

Based on your Rogers credit assessment, your account may be subject to a deposit and/or Credit Limit Monitoring upon activation. Credit limits and security deposit amounts may vary between customers depending on the results of the credit assessment. Upon notice to you, we may assign or change a credit limit on your account or request a security deposit at any time.

Can I purchase value-added services if my account has Credit Limit Monitoring?

Additional services, like Voicemail and Caller ID, will be available for purchase as long as you stay within your Credit Limit Amount. Keep in mind that these additional charges will be included in the calculation of your total account balance.

Value-added services like long distance calling may be restricted for your account if you reach your Credit Limit Amount.

If I have a pre-authorized payment plan, will my credit card/bank account pay my balance when I’ve reached my credit limit?

Unfortunately, no. Pre-authorized payments are automatic and depend on your monthly due date. Which is to say that they can’t adjust to your Credit Limit Amount during the month. You can find your pre-authorized withdrawal date on your online bill. If you reach your credit limit before that date, please make a one-time payment.

Will I be charged a Suspension Fee if I reach my credit limit?

If your account balance exceeds your Credit Limit Amount, you won’t be charged a Suspension Fee. But should your services become suspended for non-payment, you will be charged a Suspension Fee. If you have Cable, Internet, or Home Phone, you’ll also need to pay an Account Processing Fee (APF) to restore those services.

Suspension Fees and Account Processing Fees are not applicable to Residents of Québec.

How can I make a payment on an account that’s been temporarily suspended due to non-payment?

To restore your services: make a one-time payment or set up automatic payments online at MyRogers and through the MyRogers app—available for Apple and Android devices. Check out How to Make a Payment for payment options.