Rogers Gift Cards


Where can I use my Rogers Gift Card?

You can use your Rogers gift card to pay your bill at any Rogers store or to buy items at Today’s Shopping Choice. You can also use it to purchase phones and accessories at any Rogers stores.

Note: Rogers gift cards cannot be used to make a payment on a credit account (e.g. Rogers Mastercard).

Do I have to use the entire balance on the card when I make a purchase?

No, you can use any amount of the available balance at anytime.

Will my gift card expire if I don’t use it before a certain date?

Your Rogers gift card will not expire. Feel free to use it whenever you want.

Can I replace a lost or stolen gift card?

Unfortunately, if your Rogers gift card is lost or stolen it cannot be replaced. Please safeguard your gift card and treat it like cash.

Can I exchange or return my Rogers Gift Card for cash?

Rogers gift cards cannot be refunded or exchanged for cash, except in Québec, where a balance of $5 or less may be refunded upon request.