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Get answers about online billing, paper billing, how long it takes to receive a bill, how to save or print your bill with MyRogers or the MyRogers App and more!


Make a payment

Whether you subscribe to online billing or not, the fastest and most convenient way to pay your bill is through MyRogers.

How to register a MyRogers profile

Registering for MyRogers is a breeze! Once your profile is created, you can easily manage your Rogers services online or through our app.

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Win 1 year of free wireless service with automatic payments

Set up automatic payments on your wireless bill from May 5 to June 8 via MyRogers. Also open to existing subscribers. See contest rules for details.

Check out these videos for more support

MyRogers app: change payment method

It’s easy to edit, change, and update your payment method with the MyRogers app. In this video, we’ll show you how.

Change payment method

Understanding your online bill

Need help understanding your Rogers online bill? Check out this video to learn how to read the different sections of your bill from Rogers.

View your bill

View your bill

View your detailed bill online or save as a PDF for filing or printing.

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