How do I set up a Promise to Pay using MyRogers account online?

  1. Sign into MyRogers >.
  2. If your account has a balance that’s past due, you’ll see a message with a blue link to set up a Promise to Pay on the main Overview screen. Select the set-up link.
  3. On the Promise to Pay set-up screen, you’ll see the amount that must be paid to avoid possible suspension of your account. You can arrange up to two installments.
  4. From the payment arrangement options, select either Single Installment or Two Installments.
  5. Select your preferred payment method from the dropdown menu (credit/debit card or online/telephone banking).
  6. For one installment- Enter the date that you’ll make the payment. The payment date options available are dependent on your method of payment. Your payment must appear on your account within a maximum of 11 calendar days from the current date.

For two installments – Enter the date and amount of each payment.

  1. The first installment must be for at least 50% of the past due balance. Your first installment must be scheduled for a maximum of 5 calendar days from the current date.
  2. The second installment must be for the remaining past due balance. The payment date options available are dependent on your method of payment. Your second payment must appear on the account within a maximum of 15 calendar days from the current date.
  3. Select Set up.
  4. If the set-up is successful, you’ll see a screen with the details of your Promise to Pay, including the date(s) and installment amount(s) and payment method(s). 

When you return to your account’s Overview screen, you’ll see a blue banner message with the details of your pending Promise to Pay. That message will disappear once the promised payment has been made. Your account balance will also be updated on the Overview screen at that time.

Note: Our Virtual Assistant, Anna can also help you to set up a payment arrangement on Rogers.com.

How do I set up a Promise to Pay using the MyRogers App?

  1. Login into the MyRogers app.
  2. Navigate to the Billing Tab and select Set up Promise to Pay.
  3. Enter payment details and select Submit.
  4. Select View Details to view your Promise to Pay details or select Return to Billing to return to your billing details.


  1. If we don’t get your payment by the promised date, collection activity will resume and your account may be at risk of service interruption. 
  2. Promise to Pay will not prevent late payment charges if paid after the Required Payment Date on your bill. 
  3. A Promise to Pay arrangement won’t delay any automatic bill payments you’ve previously set up. 

What happens if I was only able to pay a portion of my payment arrangement?

If you can’t fulfill the payment amount originally stated, your payment arrangement will need to be renegotiated. Please contact us > about payment options.

Changing any details of your payment arrangement could result in a late payment, and your payment arrangement commitment may not be met.

I completed my payment arrangement with a different payment method than what I originally stated. How will this impact my account?

It’s always best to stick to the payment method you agreed to in your payment arrangement. Because different payment methods have different payment-posting timelines, altering any details of your payment arrangement could result in your payment being received later than expected. A late payment may result in your payment arrangement commitment not being met and your account being suspended.

If you’re unable to fulfill your originally agreed-upon payment method, you can make a one-time payment via Visa Debit, Debit MasterCard, or credit card by signing in to MyRogers >, selecting Make a payment and following the prompts.

Learn more about paying your bill and changing your payment method. >

What happens if I don’t make the agreed-upon payment in full?

Failure to respect the agreed-upon terms of the payment arrangement may result in collection activity, including account suspension or cancellation. Your service(s) will be suspended or cancelled in accordance with your previously provided notice of disconnection.

Missed payment arrangements may result in the following impacts to your account:

  • Suspension or Account Processing Fee:  you’ll need to pay a one-time fee when your account is suspended for non-payment or placed in a non-pay status (not applicable to residents of Quebec).
  • Collection activity: to avoid certain collection activity, such as suspension or disconnection, we recommend that you make a payment that matches your original payment arrangement.