Report damage to outdoor Rogers equipment

Outdoor equipment like pedestal boxes and multi-dwelling unit panels can take a hit due to extreme weather, construction, or snow removal services. If you come across Rogers equipment in need of repair, use the form to report the damage to us. 

How to identify outdoor Rogers-owned equipment

A light green Rogers pedestal box on a boulevard.

Rogers pedestal boxes are usually green. If the pedestal box is brown, it most likely belongs to Bell.

How to report damaged equipment?

If you notice an issue or damage to Rogers-owned equipment outside of your home, please report the location of the damaged equipment. We’ll alert our network maintenance team to investigate as soon as possible.

If your service isn’t working due to damaged equipment outside your home, let our Technical Support team know. Technical Support is available 24 hours a day to help restore service to our customers.

Whenever possible, we prioritize restoring our customers’ service first, before beginning any permanent repairs to outdoor Rogers-owned equipment.