What is the NextBox 4K PVR?

Our NextBoxTM 4K PVR is a digital box that allows you to record and store up to 90 hours of your favourite 4K and HD content and watch when it’s convenient for you.

Who can use the NextBox 4K PVR?

Only residents of Ontario (excluding Hamilton) are able to purchase/rent and use the NextBox 4K PVR.

Does Rogers install my NextBox 4K PVR or can I install it myself?

Your choice! You can schedule a technician to install it or book a self-install and pick it up in-store.

What is 4K resolution?

4K resolution is the approximate horizontal number of pixels on the TV screen (3840 pixels horizontal × 2160 pixels vertical). That’s four times the resolution of HD (1920 × 1080). This increased pixel density adds striking detail, smoother curves and a real-life feel. A 4K resolution also allows larger screens to be viewed close up without individual pixels becoming visible.

What is 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD)?

4K UHD has a minimum resolution of 3,840 × 2,160 pixels and includes features such as High Dynamic Range (HDR), Wide Colour Spectrum, High Frame Rate and superior Bit Depth. For more on these features see our FAQ below.

What are High Dynamic Range, Wide Colour Spectrum, High Frame Rate and Bit Depth?

  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) allows images with high contrast to be displayed with much greater clarity and detail.
  • Wide Colour Spectrum is the distribution of colours produced.
  • High Frame Rate, also known as frame frequency, is the frequency rate at which a screen displays consecutive images called frames.
  • Bit Depth is the number of bits used in representing the smallest unit of information (such as a byte or pixel) in an audio/video or graphic data file.

Why does my NextBox 4K PVR sound different?

The NextBox 4K PVR has a different cooling system than the NextBox 3.0 PVR, so the sound coming fro the box may seem different than what you’re used to.

Rest assured, any sound difference does not mean that your box is experiencing an issue. It’s simply a combination of the hard drive working and normal sounds coming from the cooling system.

Is it okay to place anything near or on top of my NextBox 4K PVR?

No. You should keep at least two inches of open space on each side of the NextBox 4K PVR, as well as two inches of open space above it. This will help ensure that nothing blocks the airflow, allowing the cooling system to work properly.

Why is my NextBox 4K PVR not working with my 4K TV?

You might have come across the following error message: “This is a 4K UHD channel that requires an HDCP 2.2 compatible 4K TV for display”. This message appears when a 4K TV does not support HDCP 2.2 content protection technology.

Content providers have higher security requirements for their 4K content and encrypt it. To view the content, your 4K TV needs to support HDCP 2.2. To confirm that your TV has a port that supports HDCP 2.2, check the owner’s manual or contact the 4K TV manufacturer.

Does NextBox 4K PVR work with Whole Home PVR?

Yes, as long as you watch it on a 4K-enabled box within your Whole Home PVR set-up and have a 4K TV that supports HDCP 2.2 content protection technology.

If you try to watch a 4K recording on a PVR that’s not 4K-enabled, you’ll get a message stating that the video was recorded at a quality level that is not supported by the PVR.

Keep in mind, HD content can also be accessed on all 4K-ready boxes.