Why is this change happening?

Due to upcoming updates to our customer authentication system, compatibility with Google Assistant will be impacted, as we are committed to the most advanced security standards for our customers.

I already have my Google account linked to my Smart Home Monitoring (SHM) account. Can I continue to use it with SHM after January 14th, 2020?

Yes. If you linked your Google account to your SHM account before January 14th, 2020, don’t worry – this change won’t impact you unless you unlink your accounts after this date. 

If I buy a device that comes with Google Assistant (i.e. Google Home, Google Mini, etc.), can I still use it with my SHM system?

Yes. You can still set up these devices with your SHM system and use your linked Google account to control the SHM thermostat and lighting devices.

No. If you unlink your Google account from your SHM account on or after the discontinuation date, you won’t be able to relink them. 

If I change my Google account, will I be able to continue to use Goggle Assistant with my SHM system?

No. Changing your Google account will unlink Goggle from your SHM account and you won't be able to use them together anymore.

If I add, remove or edit SHM devices on my SHM system after January 14th, 2020, will I be able to sync Google to reflect those changes?

No. Updating Google to reflect changes you make on your SHM system requires unlinking your Google account from your SHM account, and after you unlink, you won’t be able to relink them.