How to Pair the Sengled Light Bulb Using the Smart Home Monitoring App

This article is for customers without a Touchpad. Have a Touchpad? Visit this page for your pairing instructions .

  1. Log in to the Smart Home Monitoring app using your MyRogers username and password. (Can’t remember your login info? Visit this page to retrieve your username or password).
  2. On the Overview screen, tap More , then Manage Devices.
  3. Tap Add Devices, then Lights.
  4. Tap the lighting device you want to add: Bulb or Adapter .
  5. Prepare your Light Bulb for pairing by following the simple instructions on your screen. Tap Continue as you complete each step. For more detailed instructions, you can tap More Info .
  6. In the app, you will see Pairing along with a Light Your bulb will also begin to flash. Once the pairing is complete, the icon will change to a Light On/Off icon and a blue checkmark will appear to the right. This may take up to 30 seconds.
  7. Tap Continue to complete pairing. Tap Done once completed.