Reset the Visonic Door/Window Sensor

Trying to add a Door/Window Sensor to your Smart Home Monitoring system, but are unable to pair it in the first few attempts? Or do you see an error message while attempting to pair the sensor?

Follow these steps to reset the Door/Window Sensor.

  1. Remove the back panel from the Door/Window Sensor.
  2. Then remove the battery.
  3. Press the tamper switch (small black switch below battery) and hold it for 3 seconds while re-inserting the battery.
  4. Release the switch.
  5. The LED will flash 3 times every 5 seconds to indicate the reset was successful and the sensor is in pairing mode.
  6. Re-attach the back plate to the Door/Window Sensor.
  7. Try the pairing process again.

To forget device

These steps will permanently remove your sensor from your device list:

  1. Tap Forget Device.
  2. And then tap Forget Device again to confirm.

To try pairing again later

This will leave your device in an error state on your Home page:

  1. Tap Forget Device.
  2. And then tap Later.