Replacing a battery on a Home Monitoring device

A low battery or battery-related issue can cause an installed Home Monitoring device to not work as it should. You might notice events not displaying in the Smart Home app’s Activity. Or there might not be an alert/chime on your Touchpad when a device is activated (e.g., when a door is opened).

Below are steps for how to replace a battery on a Home Monitoring device.

1. Find out which device has a battery issue

When a device in your home monitoring system has a low battery or a battery-related issue, a notification alert will scroll across your Touchpad’s screen. Tap the notification to view the device with the battery issue. Or, open the Smart Home app and tap the Notification Center icon (the top-left corner of the Overview screen) to view devices with a low battery or battery issue.

2. Replace the battery

Battery replacement instructions for Home Monitoring devices can be found on our Home Monitoring User Guides page.


  • Before replacing batteries for any Home Monitoring device, disarm your Home Monitoring system.
  • Before replacing the battery in a carbon monoxide or smoke detector, please call the Central Monitoring Station at 1 888-578-1777.
  • Tell the agent you’ll be replacing your sensor battery. The agent will put your system into “test” mode, so no emergency service is dispatched.
  • Once you’ve replaced the battery in the carbon monoxide or smoke detector, call the Central Monitoring Station again to restore your system back online.

3. Reboot your Touchpad

After you’ve replaced a device’s battery, reboot your Home Monitoring Touchpad:

  1. On your Home Monitoring Touchpad, select Settings.
  2. Enter your master code.
  3. Select Advanced Settings > Reboot Touchpad.
  4. Select Reboot Touchpad again.
  5. Enter your master code once more.


The Touchpad will power down and restart. 

If you still get a battery-related notification or notice that a device in your system isn’t working as it should, the replacement battery might be faulty or past its expiry date. Or there could be an issue with a device itself; in which case please contact us for help.