Call Display Blocking for Rogers Home Phone

Call Display Blocking prevents your name and phone number from being displayed to those receiving your calls. This feature can be used either per-call or automatically for all of your outgoing calls.

See below for info on how to use and disable this feature – as well as its limitations.

How do I prevent my name/number from showing when calling someone?

To use Call Display Blocking for a single call:

Simply dial *67 before dialing the number you want to call. This will prevent your name and number from displaying for a single call from your Home Phone line.

The party receiving your call will see Private Name/Private Number (or similar wording) displayed.

To enable Call Display Blocking for all of your outgoing calls:

To enable Call Display Blocking automatically for every call you make simply contact us to add the feature to your Home Phone plan (a monthly fee may apply).

How can I reach a number that does not accept calls from anonymous callers?

If the recipient has chosen to reject anonymous calls, you won't be able to reach them if you’ve used *67 before dialling.

If you have Call Display Blocking as a monthly feature of your Home Plan, just dial *82 before dialling the number to let the recipient will see your name and number for that call only. This will allow your call to ring through.

Is it possible for my name and number to still be seen if I’ve used Call Display Blocking?

There are some instances where your name and number may not be blocked when you use *67 or are subscribed to Call Display Blocking:

  • When calling Rogers customer service.
  • When placing a collect call, or dialling an 800 or 900 number, your name and number will still be provided for billing purposes.
  • When calling a person served by a telephone company or facility that does not adhere to the privacy regulations set out by the CRTC in Canada or the FCC in the United States. Your name and number may still be provided if the company does not recognize the privacy indicator.
  • It is also possible that the recipient of your call may have applications and/or devices that enable them to unblock your Caller ID.
  • When leaving a message for a Rogers voicemail subscriber, your name and number may be provided during message playback.