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Easy Setup Guide - Ignite Home Phone

Want to set up your Ignite Home Phone service? Follow these easy steps and you’re all set.

Set up and check your voicemail

Learn how to set up Home & Away voicemail and check messages online from your home phone or remotely.

No dial tone on your home phone?

Try these troubleshooting steps if you don’t hear anything when you pick up and you can’t dial in or out.

Troubleshoot Home Phone voicemail issues

A bit stuck with your voicemail? We’ve listed fixes to some common issues.

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All you need to know

Getting started

Additional features


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Set up your Ignite Home Phone Service

Follow these easy steps to set up your Ignite Home Phone service and activate your voicemail.

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Set up and check your Home Phone voicemail

It’s easy to set up and check your voicemail. Let’s walk you through it.

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Check your voicemail online

Stay on top of your messages! Learn how to check and manage voicemail settings conveniently online.

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