Calling Features - Call Waiting

When you’re on the line but are anticipating another call, Call Waiting will alert you to an incoming call with a brief tone. You can then choose to answer the call or ignore the alert. 

When you hear a Call Waiting alert tone, your three options are as follows:

  1. End your current conversation and answer the Call Waiting:
    • Quickly end the current conversation and hang up. Your phone will instantly ring, and you can answer the Call Waiting.
  2. Place the current conversation on hold to take the Call Waiting:
    • Briefly press the hang-up (or LINK/FLASH) button to answer the Call Waiting when you hear the alert tone. Your original caller will be put on hold, and you'll be connected to the Call Waiting.
    • To return to your first caller or to alternate between calls, briefly press the hang-up (or LINK/FLASH) button.
    • If you end either of your conversations by hanging up, your phone will instantly ring, allowing you to resume the conversation on hold.
  3. Ignore the Call Waiting alert tone:
    • Simply don't respond to the Call Waiting alert tone. If you subscribe to Voicemail, the Call Waiting caller will have an opportunity to leave a message.

Helpful Hints

  • Call Waiting is temporarily suspended if you are using Three-Way Calling. Additional callers will receive a busy signal. If you subscribe
    to Voicemail, your calls will be routed directly to your Voicemail.
  • To resume the Call Waiting feature, end the three-way call.

Did You Know:
If you have call waiting and call display and have a phone that is compatible, you will automatically receive Visual Call Waiting.
To help you decide whether or not to answer your call waiting, the number of the incoming caller will be displayed on your phone.

Deactivating Call Waiting

To temporarily deactivate Call Waiting before making a call:

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *70. You'll hear two short beeps followed by the dial tone, indicating that Call Waiting has been temporarily deactivated.
  2. Make your call. Call Waiting will be reactivated automatically when you end the current call.

To temporarily deactivate Call Waiting during a call:

  1. Briefly press the hang0up (or LINK/FLASH) button and then dial *70. Remember that pressing the hang-up (or LINK/FLASH) button while there is a Call Waiting will put the current caller on hold, allowing you to speak to the new caller.
  2. Wait for the two brief beeps, indicating the Call Waiting has been temporarily deactivated. Your current conversation will automatically resume. Call Waiting will be reactivated automatically once you end the current call.

Did You Know:
If you have an important call and do not want to be distracted by someone else trying to call you, you can temporarily deactivate Call Waiting.

Call Waiting with a Building Access System or Enterphone

Some apartment buildings and condominiums have an internal phone system to allow residents to unlock the building door for visitors.

To answer a visitor who is calling from the lobby while you’re on the phone:

  1. After hearing the special lobby Call Waiting tone, press # to answer the visitor call. If pressing # doesn’t work, switch the call to the lobby, press the “FLASH/HOOK” key instead.
  2. To end the lobby call and return to your original call, press the “FLASH/HOOK” key on your phone.

Helpful Hint
You cannot deactivate the service WHILE there is a call waiting.