Change number of rings before going to voicemail on Rogers Home Phone

The following steps explain how to change the number of times your phone will ring before the incoming call is transferred to your voicemail using Home & Away Online Manager for Rogers Home Phone.

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  1. Sign in to MyRogers account.
    • If you're having problems signing in, you can recover your MyRogers username or password.
    • Don't have a MyRogers account? Register to manage your services.
  2. Select Usage & Services.
  3. Select the Home Phone number you are looking to manage.
  4. Select Configure your current features. You are now on the Home & Away Online Manager home page.
  5. Select Ring Settings.
  6. Next to Voicemail, select Configure.
  7. Select the number of rings you want, then and select Next.
  8. Select Confirm.