Direct Connect a Phone to Arris TM402G/P and TM502G

The following steps explain how to directly connect your telephone to the Rogers Home Phone modem.

  • Make sure the existing telephone cord connected to the Home Phone Modem is in the black/grey jack on the back of the modem closest to the edge marked Tel ½ and not Tel 2 or Ethernet jacks.
    • If you have only one phone line, Tel ½ will be the only active jack on the back of the box most of the time and it’s only on rare occasions Tel 2 will be enabled instead.
    • Ethernet is disabled on this device.
  • If the telephone cord is not in the Tel ½ jack, move it to that jack and test the line again before you proceed.

What You Will Need:

  • A Rogers Home Phone modem.
  • A corded or cordless telephone.
    • If you are using a cordless phone you will need the main base station.
  • The phone set’s power cord (if required).
  • The phone set’s phone cord.
  • Handset (if a cordless phone.
  1. Remove the existing telephone cord from the Tel ½ port on the back of the Home Phone modem to disconnect your house wiring.
    • If you have a second phone line and it is not working it will be connected to Tel 2 instead.
  2. Connect one end of the phone cord to your telephone and the other end to the Tel ½ port on the Home Phone modem.
  3. If your phone requires power, connect the power cord for your phone.
  4. Test if the phone you just connected to the Home Phone modem has a dial tone.