Locate Your Rogers Home Phone Modem (eMTA)

You may need to access your Rogers Home Phone Modem (eMTA) for a number of reasons: for example, you’re switching to an Ignite TV bundle with Ignite Home Phone and need to return your digital equipment to us. It’s important you return both your old set-top box and your eMTA to avoid a charge on a future Rogers bill. You can use this information to help find your eMTA in your household.

Rogers currently provides eMTAs from Arris, Cisco and Scientific Atlanta.

Here’s what they look like

support-homephone-emta-arris-tm822g-rogers support-image-ciscoDPC2203 support-image-saDPX2213
Arris TM822G Cisco DPC2203 Scientific Atlanta DPX2213
support-image-tm402GP support-image-tm502G support-image-tm502G
Arris TM402P Arris TM502G Arris TM602G

Here’s how to find them in your household.

Your eMTA needs to be connected to a coaxial cable, a telephone cord, and a power source. It will rarely be far from outlets or plugs for all three of these things. The specific location will also vary based on the type of building you’re in:

If you live in a home or townhouse:

  • You’re likely to find it next to your fuse panel, especially if it also needs to be connected to an alarm system.
  • In older homes, it may also be on a basement rafter nearby where the phone wires used to terminate.
  • If you don’t see it in these places, check next to your other Rogers equipment.

If you live in an apartment or condo building:

  • You’re likely to find it next to your other Rogers equipment or on its own near a telephone jack in either your main living area or the master bedroom.
  • In some newer buildings, it may also be behind a panel in a closet or side room within your unit where all your communications are managed.