Reset the Battery for the Arris TM402G/P Home Phone Modem

Follow these steps to remove and replace the battery.

In some circumstances the backup battery needs to be reset by reseating (removing and replacing) it.

  1. Unplug the AC power cord.
  2. On the bottom side of the Home Phone Modem, gently pull down on the two latches holding the battery cover and pull the cover toward you. Set the cover aside.
  3. Grasp the plastic strip on the battery and gently slide the battery forward to remove it from the battery compartment.
  4. All lights on the Home Phone Modem should be off, wait 30 seconds.
  5. Push the battery in until it latches into place. For models with two batter compartments and only one battery is being used it must be inserted in Bay 1.
  6. Replace the battery cover.
  7. Plug the AC power cord back in.