Suppress the Alarm on the FlexPoint FPR1207-F Optical Network Unit

The following steps explain how to silence the audible alarm for up to 24 hours on the FlexPoint FPR1207-F Optical Network Unit (ONU) when you hear it beeping.

The ONU alarm is triggered by power issues with the device, these are the patterns and their related power issues:

  • Loss of Input Power: Single, one second beep.
  • Low Battery: Single 0.5 second beep every 15 seconds when the battery power depletes to approximately 25%.
  • Replace Battery: Double beep every 15 minutes.


  1. Remove the cover from the ONU by pinching the clasp on the front, in the middle of the unit and pull the cover off. support-home-phone-step1-ONU RemoveCover-rogers
  2. On the bottom right next to the coaxial cable press the button labeled Silence Alarm. support-home-phone-step2-ONU NoCover-rogerssupport-home-phone-step2-2nd-image-ONU SilenceAlarmButton-rogers