Use Call Return Busy

These steps show you how to activate and deactivate the Call Return – Busy feature.

Activate Call Return – Busy

  1. Hang up your phone after receiving a busy signal.
  2. Pick up your phone and wait for a dial tone.
  3. Dial *66 and hang up again.
  4. The previously busy number will be monitored for the next 30 minutes.
  5. When the number is no longer busy, your phone will alert you with a special ring.
  6. When you hear the special ring, answer your phone.
  7. The previously busy number will be dialed automatically.

Deactivate Call Return – Busy

  1. Pick up your phone and dial *86.
  2. A message will confirm that the service has been cancelled.


  1. This feature won’t work while you are using Three-Way Calling.
  2. If you make more than one call resulting in a busy signal and use the Call Return – Busy feature after receiving the busy signal on each line, the service will alert you when one of the lines becomes free.
    • However, you won’t know which caller’s line has become free unless you subscribe to the Call Display feature.