Can’t sign in to your Rogers Yahoo! Mail account?

Try these simple steps to fix common problems.

You get an invalid username or password error

Before signing in again, make sure:

  • Your Rogers Internet service is active. Cancelling your Rogers Internet service will also cancel your email account. To get or reactivate internet service, contact us.
  • You turn off Caps Lock since passwords are case sensitive.
  • You check your spelling to ensure you entered the email address correctly.

If you are still having problems signing in reset your Rogers Yahoo! Email password.

Remember to update this password wherever it is saved, like in your apps and the autofill settings in your browser.

Still having trouble?

You may be experiencing browser issues.

  • Try clearing your cookies and cache. For most major browsers, you can find this info in Settings or in the More Options menu.
  • Close and then relaunch your browser.

If that doesn’t work, try using a different browser to access the Rogers Yahoo! Mail sign in page. If you can log in, you may need to reset or update your previous browser before you can use it again to access your inbox.

Need more help?

If you’re still having trouble, contact Technical Support for assistance.