FAQs about Fibre to the Home

As of May 13, 2019, we’re starting construction to eventually bring Fibre to the Home (FTTH) to residences throughout Ontario. Check out some common questions below to learn more about this exciting process! 

Will this construction cost me anything?

No! This construction will not cost you anything. 

Will there be any disruptions to my Rogers services during construction?

No, there won’t be any interruptions to your Rogers residential services (TV, Internet, Home Phone or Smart Home Monitoring) while we bring fibre to your home.

What products and services can I get with this new technology, and what will they cost?

We’re installing Fibre to the Home now so that we’re ready for next-generation technology and services as they become available. 

We’ll have more information about available services and pricing once we launch them in your area.

How and when can I get Fibre to the Home?

First, we need your consent to connect the new fibre network to your home. Give our agents a call at  1 844 760-3908 to let them know you want your address connected. Then, they will consult our construction schedule to let you know if and when your residence will receive Fibre to the Home. 

Where will you be installing the fibre, and will you need access to my private property?

All construction work will take place on municipal property. We will only need access to your property if you’ve agreed to have your residence connected to the new fibre network.

Here’s what the construction will entail.

Off your property (2-4 weeks):

  • The fibre cable we’re installing will run parallel to each residential property line, across the entire length of the property (based on the municipality’s approval).
  • We’ll dig a small, 12-inch-wide hole and place a network box inside. Then we’ll cover it up with a small cap at ground level. 
  • This box contains the fibre optic cable we can eventually rout directly to your home, with your consent. 

On your property (2-3 hours):

  • We will only perform construction on your private property if you have given us consent that you’d like your home connected to the new fibre network. (You can do so by calling 1 844 760-3908).
  • If we have your consent, we will dig a thin trench across your property to run a fibre optic wire to your home. We will then cover the trench, and your property will be returned to its normal appearance.
  • We’ll be careful to consider any unique obstacles or features of the property when choosing the fibre cable route (i.e. garden beds, retaining walls, bricked driveways).

Can I expect any damage to my property?

  • We’ll do our best to avoid damaging any property while we complete the work.
  • Should the property be damaged due to our construction activities, we’ll work with professional landscapers to return your property to its original state.
  • Call us at 1 844 760-3908 to report any damage to your property and we’ll work with you to resolve the issue.

Will there be any new, visible equipment installed on my property?

No, while we may install new equipment on municipal property, we will not install any equipment on your private property.

I didn’t want Fibre to the Home, but I changed my mind. How can I get my address back on the construction schedule?

No problem! Call us at 1 844 760-3908 to add your residence back to our construction schedule. 

No problem. Call us at 1 844 760-3908 to remove your residence from our construction schedule.

No, only the homeowner can provide consent. 

If you rent your property and are interested in getting Fibre to the Home, you can ask your landlord to call us at 1 844 760-3908 for more information or to provide consent.

No, you’re not required to register for or add any Rogers services as a result of this construction. But we will let you know of the exciting new products and services that will be enabled in your area because of the new fibre network, should you ever become interested!

I already have a Bell fibre line connected to my house. Why can’t Rogers use that?

Unfortunately, Bell lines are not compatible with Rogers services. 

Do I need to be home for this construction to be completed on my property?

No, you do not need to be home during the construction. And we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Will the construction disrupt any of my residential utilities?

Before we begin our work in your neighbourhood, our construction crew will identify any underground utilities to ensure they avoid damaging any infrastructure that affects nearby residences.

Rogers complies with all municipal by-laws and other government bodies that regulate how construction is to be conducted.