Mail Harassment

It is very important to us that our customers enjoy a safe and secure online experience. You may have recently received an important security message about your Rogers Internet service. Below are technical details regarding a specific security issue, along with recommended steps to resolve the issue.

We have received complaints about harassing, unsolicited and/or abusive emails sent from your Rogers Internet connection.

As this type of activity is in violation of the Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy, we ask that you take immediate steps to ensure your Rogers account is not used in this manner by anyone who has access to your device(s) or network.

If you are unaware of this activity, your device network may be infected with Malware or has a security vulnerability, which is allowing remote users to access your device.

Option 1: Scan your system with anti-virus software

If you already have anti-virus software, please perform a complete scan of your system. If you do not have anti-virus software, Rogers offers both a free and fee based anti-virus software, Rogers Online Protection which is available at rogers.com/getprotected. If your anti-virus software does not find any viruses or malware, your system is likely still infected.

Option 2: Fix the issue on your own

If you are unable to fix the issue on your own, another option is to consult with a reputable computer support service.

Contact Rogers Technical Support

If you need more details on this matter, please contact a Rogers technical support representative for additional information.