Nokia WiFi app features

The Nokia WiFi app provides you with all the features you need to easily manage your home network!

Use this mobile app to gain insight into coverage around your home, your Wi-Fi speed, set up family profiles, avoid disruptions and more.

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Check Network Health

You can use the Nokia WiFi Mobile app to check the overall status of your home network. If required, the app will provide you with recommendations to improve your WiFi performance. 

From the Home Screen, tap ‘Check’ on the Network Health Check Card. The app will check the health of your home network and display the health status.

One of the following messages will be displayed: 

  • Network is healthy: Home coverage is good, and all devices are stable. No action is needed. 
  • Extend network coverage: Some devices on your home network aren’t receiving a good WiFi connection. You can tap ‘Tip details’ to view recommendations on how to improve network coverage to these devices. 
  • Improve the connection of a device: Your Wi-Fi connectivity is unstable. Resolve this issue by: 
    • tapping ‘Tip details’ to view recommendations on how to improve the connection.

Enable Guest Network

By enabling this feature, guests can use your internet without requiring your WiFi name and password.

Note: Guest Network is disabled by default.

1. Create Guest Network

  • From the home screen, enable feature by toggling the button on the ‘Guest Network’
  • Click continue to proceed to network settings
  • Tap Name my new network
  • Select access type (Open or Password), then tap next
  • Name your Guest Network and click save.

Note: Once you save your changes, your entire network will go down for two minutes.

2. Share your Guest Network

Share your Guest Network details via SMS, email and other options in the share sheet.

  • Click the Share icon below the guest network name
  • Select how you'd like to share details of your Guest Network.
  • Your guests will receive details of the network through the shared method.

3. Disable your Guest Network

  • From the home screen, tap the toggle button next to the Guest Network.

Note: Once you disable the Guest Network, your entire network will go down for two minutes.

Setting up parental controls

Easily setup Family profiles to restrict internet access for certain devices, block specific websites, times, etc. 

You can even create groups with specific devices to restrict access to them all at once. 

Note: All devices are added to the Home Profile by default.

1. How to Setup Profiles

  • On the bottom of the home screen, tap Profiles
  • In the Family Profiles screen, tap Create New (to add profile for the first time) or tap Add Family Profile to add an additional one.
  • Give your profile a name and select the devices to add.
  • Once devices are added, you can setup a schedule, block websites, etc. 

2. How to Add or Remove Devices 

  •  Open the profile, then tap ‘Assigned Devices’ to view what devices are currently assigned to the profile.
  • Tap the pencil icon to open the edit screen. 
  • Select devices to add to the profile or deselect devices to remove them. 
  • At the top right, tap the check mark  to save your changes. 

Schedules and Website Blocking

1. Scheduling 

  • Open profile to edit, and tap Schedules.
  • Tap Create Schedule if this is your first time creating a schedule for this profile. Or “+” on the top right to add an additional schedule to this profile.
  • Assign Schedule a name. 
  • Select time and days to be applied to schedule.
  • Tap the check mark at the top right corner to save. 

2. Website Blocking

  • Open profile to edit, and tap Website Blocking.
  • Enable feature by tapping the toggle on Add website to block by tapping the plus (+) sign.
  • Enter URL of the website. 
  • Tap check mark to save your changes.
  • Wait a few minutes for changes to take effect.

Note: To remove website from block list, tap ‘Website Blocking’, click on the URL and then delete. Tap check mark to save your changes. 

3. Edit or Delete Profile

  • Click on ‘Profile’ then the three dots (…) on the top right. 
  • Tap Edit Profile or Delete Profile

Edit or Delete Your Wi-Fi Network (SSID)

1. Edit Wi-Fi Network

  • Open the Nokia Wi-Fi app. 
  • Tap the Wi-fi network you would like to edit from the home screen. 
  • Tap the Edit icon to edit the Wi-Fi network. 
  • A Warning message will appear, hit Continue
  • Enter your new Wi-Fi name and password.
  • Tap check mark to save your changes. 

Note: You can also change your Wi-fi name and password by selecting “Settings” on the bottom of the home screen then the Wi-fi network you would like to edit. 

2. Delete a Wi-Fi Network

  • Tap the Wi-Fi network you would like to delete from the home screen. 
  • Tap Edit icon. 
  • Tap Delete
  • A Warning message will appear, tap Delete again. 

Share Your Personal Wi-Fi Network

To easily allow others to join your home network, the Nokia Mobile app allows you to share your network name and password via SMS, email, or other options. 

  • From the home network card, tap the Share icon.
    • You can also tap on the card, wait for the screen to load and tap the Share icon.
  • Select the sharing mode (SMS, email, or other).