Sign Into your Rogers Modem

Sign into your Rogers Modem

Sign into your Rogers modem to change and manage its capabilities, like resetting your WiFi password, setting up Bridge Mode, restoring its factory settings and more.

To get started, select your Rogers modem:

support-internet-xb6-modemsupport-modemXB7Ignite WiFi Gateway >

support-internet-coda-modem-rogers Hitron CODA-4582 >

support-internet-cgn3amr-modem-rogers Hitron CGN3AMR >

support-internet-CGN3-modem-rogers Hitron CGNM3552, CGN3ACR OR CGN3 >

support-internet-CGN2-modem-rogers Hitron CGN2 >

support-internet-CiscoDPC3825-modem-rogers Cisco DPC3825 >


support-internet-SMCD3GN-modem-rogers SMC D3GN >

Not sure which modem is yours?

  • Sign into MyRogers.
  • Select the Internet badge on the Overview tab.
  • From the Internet page, scroll down until you reach the modem section. Your modem name will be listed there.

If your modem isn’t listed, please call 1 855 381 7839 for help.