Troubleshooting Ignite WiFi Pods

My pods appear online but I’m still having WiFi issues.

Try troubleshooting the issue with these steps:

  • Try restarting your gateway modem.
  • Try moving your pod to another location or removing a pod if you have multiple. Moving your pod closer to your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem may provide a stronger signal to extend your WiFi coverage. However, if there are too many WiFi access points nearby, your device may have difficulty choosing which one is best, resulting in lag or slow internet.
  • Make sure your pod(s) are installed between your gateway modem and the WiFi problem area. While pods extend WiFi into problem areas, they should be installed outside of the problem areaitself in order to connect wirelessly to the gateway modem.
  • Restart your gateway modem using the Ignite WiFi Hub app (see Overview tab). Once your gateway modem is back online, you can also try unplugging then replugging your pod to refresh your connection.
  • Restart your phone, laptop or other connected device and then reconnect it to your home WiFi.

Why is the light on my pod flashing?

Ignite WiFi Pods never stop learning and the light on your pod will flash when it is running an optimization sequence to check your current WiFi environment. It may also be downloading the latest software to deliver the best possible performance. Pods will also flash when the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem itself is restarting or updating. These updates should finish within a few minutes.

If your pod continues flashing after a few minutes, check the following:

  • Is your Ignite WiFi Gateway modem securely connected to a power source and the coax cable or ethernet?
  • Are all your pods securely plugged into electrical wall outlets?
    • Pods are designed for indoor use only and should not be plugged into extension cords or wall outlets connected to a switch which can be accidentally turned off.
  • Are your pods online?

How can I fix a pod that is offline?

Follow these steps.

  1. Sign in to the Ignite WiFi Hub app or website.
  2. Select the Overview tab or the Connect tab to see your Network.
  3. Look for the green status that indicates if your Ignite WiFi Pods are online.
  4. If the pod is offline, select it and tap Help me Fix it.
  5. Follow the troubleshooting steps on-screen.

If you are still having issues, please contact Rogers Technical Support.