Turn Parental Controls on and off with Ignite HomeConnect

Use Ignite HomeConnectTM to easy manage Parental Controls for devices connected to your Ignite WiFi network. This helps reduce the risk of kids accessing inappropriate content while online at home.

Ignite HomeConnect is available exclusively for Rogers Internet customers with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem. Not sure if this is your modem? Check under “Internet” on your  MyRogers account.

Turn on Parental Controls with Ignite HomeConnect

  1. Open Ignite HomeConnnect and sign in using your MyRogers username and password.
  2. Select Wifi.
  3. Select Manage people
  4. Select your child’s profile. If you haven’t set one up yet, select Add a person and follow the prompts to do so now.
  5. Click on the Settings icon at the top.
  6. Select Parental Controls.
  7. Select Turn on.

Note: When connected to your Ignite WiFi network, the devices associated to your child’s profile will be more inclined to access content deemed appropriate for all ages based on industry standards.
Learn more about Ignite HomeConnect parental controls here.

Turning off Parental Controls with Ignite HomeConnect

  1. Follow steps 1 through 6 above.
  2. Select Turn Off.

Considerations to keep in mind:

  • Parental Controls are intended to help prevent devices from accessing inappropriate online content; however, they are not guaranteed to block access to all inappropriate sites and applications. Practicing online safety is always recommended.
  • If a device has accessed inappropriate content prior to Parental Controls being applied, the content may be cached on the device and unable to be blocked until up to 24 hours later.
  • Ignite HomeConnect Parental Controls are applied through the home WiFi network connection and do not apply if a device connects directly to inappropriate content through a cellular or public WiFi connection.
  • Ignite HomeConnect Parental Controls do not apply to content accessed through the Ignite TV app or service which instead offers integrated KidsZone tools.