Why are people being asked to agree to an ‘Oath’ Terms of Service and Privacy policy?

Yahoo! recently became part of ‘Oath’, a media and technology company that includes brands such as Yahoo, AOL, Tech Crunch and HuffPost. Rogers email is powered by Yahoo! so customers are being prompted to agree to an updated Yahoo! Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Are Yahoo!/Oath’s updated Terms of Service specific to Rogers customers?

No, these are global terms for all Yahoo!/Oath users (hundreds of millions worldwide) that includes some sections specific to the countries they operate in.

What is ‘section 14 (5) (f)’ that Yahoo!/Oath removed from their Canadian Terms of Service?

Section 14 (5) (f), now removed, originally stated the following: “Personal Data of Friends and Contacts. By using the Services you agree that you have obtained the consent of your friends and contacts to provide their personal information (for example: their email address or telephone number) to Oath or a third party, as applicable, and that Oath or a third party may use your name to send messages on your behalf to make the Services available to your friends and contacts. The Services are not to be used for any form of spam.”

Is Yahoo!/Oath scanning or reading my emails?

Like most email providers, automated computer programs scan Yahoo! emails to protect you from viruses, malware, spam, phishing links, etc. This practice is not new. You can now choose to opt out of Yahoo!'s interest-based advertising from their Ad Interest Manager.

Is my personal information shared with other companies, like advertisers?

No, your personal identifying information is personal for a reason. It is not shared with third parties.

How can I change my Yahoo! email settings?

To customize your email experience:

If I opt out of interest based ads will my emails still be scanned for any reason?

Your emails will continue to be automatically scanned for spam, viruses, malware and phishing links to better protect you.

Where can I get more details on the Yahoo!/Oath Privacy Policy?

You can read a detailed FAQ on the changes to their Terms of Service & Privacy Policy here: https://policies.oath.com/ca/en/oath/privacy/guce/faq/index.html

How can I share additional feedback or concerns with Rogers or Yahoo!/Oath?

You can contact our Rogers Privacy Office by email (privacy@rci.rogers.com) or in writing to Chief Privacy Officer, Rogers Group of Companies, 333 Bloor St. E., Toronto, ON, M4W 1G9

For any additional questions or concerns, you can contact Yahoo!/Oath:

  1. Log in to webmail
  2. Select the Gear icon
  3. Choose Privacy
  4. Select Privacy Policy of Yahoo!/Oath
  5. Click on Feedback or visit submitting a feedback form