Change voicemail prompt levels (Enhanced Voicemail only)

The following steps explain how to change Voicemail prompt levels with Enhanced Voicemail.

  1. Call your voicemail by calling your number from a landline.
    • You will hear your current voicemail greeting.
  2. Press the # key at the beginning of the recording to interrupt it.
    • You will then be prompted to enter your voicemail passcode and will be brought to the voicemail’s main menu.
  3. From the Main menu, you should select Personal Options by pressing 4.
  4. From the Personal Option menu, select Administrative Options by pressing 2.
  5. From the Administrative Options menu, select Prompt Level by pressing 3.
    • You will then be able to change your Prompt Level to:
      • Standard by pressing 1
      • Extended by pressing 2
      • Rapid by pressing 3
    • Extended Prompt Levels prevent callers from leaving messages.