Easy Setup Guide - ZTE MF28B

What's Included?


Inserting SIM Card

Open the protective cover of the SIM port shown below and insert the SIM card.

Please power off the MF28B router and remove the external power adapter before removing or inserting the SIM card. If not, the router or SIM card may be damaged.
Inserting SIM Card

Switching On Your Device

  1. Turn the Power Switch on to get started.
    Note: Do not put anything on the top of the router. Do not lay routers overlapping each other when using.

  2. Wait 2~3 minutes after turning the MF28B router on before you use the service.
    Note: If the Mobile Network indication LED (left most indicator) is blinking constantly, try to move the router to another location. The router takes 1~2 minutes to initialize, connect to the network and obtain an IP address.


ZTE MF28B Appearance - en

Indicator  Description
SIM Port Where the SIM card is inserted.
LED Indicators To indicate the status of the device.
USB Port  To connect with an external storage device or USB shared printer.
Interface Contains RJ45 interfaces (LAN1/WAN, and
LAN2 ~ LAN4), power switch, reset switch,
and power socket.
WPS Button To activate Wi-Fi Protected Setup
authentication process.

Interface Description

ZTE MF28B Interface Description - en

1 LAN1/WAN For Ethernet connections or ADSL/cable
modem connection.
2 LAN2~LAN4  For Ethernet connections.
3 ON/OFF To turn the router ON or OFF.
4 Reset Switch To restore the router to the factory default
settings by holding for 7 seconds.
5 Power Socket To connect to the external power supply.

LED Indicator

ZTE MF28B Led Indicator - en

Indicator  State  Description
1 Mobile Network Blue  Registered to LTE network
Green  Registered to 4G network
OFF  Not Registered
2 Mobile Network connection status Always ON Mobile network connection established
Blinking  Mobile network connection is
OFF  Mobile network connection not
3 Mobile Network signal strength Always ON Signal strength is very good or
Blinking  Signal strength is weak
OFF  No signal
4 Error  Blinking No SIM card inserted, PIN enabled without entering correct PIN code on Web UI
5 Wi-Fi Always ON Wi-Fi connection established
Blinking  Wi-Fi data transmission
OFF  Wi-Fi is shut down
6 Power  Always ON Green--Once device initialized and ready
Red-- Device is initializing
OFF  Device is powered off

Connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi

  1. Power on your device. It will take 2~3 minutes to initialize.
  2. Scan for available wireless networks using the normal Wi-Fi application of your Wi-Fi device.
  3. Select the SSID of your MF28B router, and connect to it (The default SSID and Wi-Fi password can be found on the label found on the MF28B router box). Wait approximately 30 seconds for the connection to establish.

    Note: You can modify the SSID and password using the Web GUI advanced configuration page.

Connecting to the internet via Ethernet Cable (RJ45)

  1. Power on your device. It will take 2~3 minutes to initialize.
  2. Connect the supplied Ethernet cable to a LAN port at the back of the MF28B router.
  3. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to your computer and wait approximately 45 seconds for the connection to establish.

Logging into the WebGUI (for optional device configuration)

  1. Establish a connection between the MF28B router and Wi-Fi device.

  2. Launch your web browser and enter the router address (Default address: Note: It is recommended that you use one of the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (7.0 or later), Firefox (3.0 or later), Opera (10.0 or later), Safari (4.0 or later) or Chrome (10.0 or later).

  3. When the login page appears as follows, input the password (The default password is admin).

Please refer to your MF28B User Manual for configuration options and instructions.

Logging into the WebGUI (for optional device configuration)